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Vision and Mission


Every Phoenix High School student will receive an individualized graduation instructional program that leads to graduation, college readiness and employment.  The staff, parents and students at Phoenix High School believe in an educational and community partnership committed to rigorous standards based curricula and to the empowerment of all students to become productive members in a diverse society. We believe in equal worth and dignity of all and are committed to challenging our students to reach their academic potential.

We prepare our students for a successful transition into college and career pathways through the development of critical 21st century skills, including:

                                                           - Collaboration 

                                                           - Creativity and Imagination

                                                           - Critical Thinking

                                                           - Problem-Solving


The mission of Phoenix high School is to offer alternative pathways to graduation for students whose needs cannot be met in a traditional school setting.  The staff is committed to creating an environment that promotes pride, individuality, and achievement. Students develop academic, social, and occupational skills as part of a high quality instructional program that addresses the whole child.  WE will provide each students with a rigorous individualized instructional program in accordance with the California State Standards. the goal of the Phoenix High School is to ensure that that students active learners and complete the requirements for a high school diploma and are career and college ready.