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School-Wide Learning Outcomes

All students will be:

                                    1. Academic achievers

                                    2. Technology proficient

                                    3. Effective communicators

                                    4. Responsible citizens

Upon graduation from Phoenix Continuation High School, all students are expected to be the following:

1. Academic achievers- We will ensure the academic and personal achievement of each student with an   emphasis on the whole person.

           · Apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from a variety of sources

           · Make connections between related concepts

           · Develop knowledge and skills to become productive citizens

           · Meet A-G requirements

           · College and career readiness

2. Technology proficient – we will provide each student an array of educational opportunities leading to success in higher education and career.

           · Utilize a variety of technological resources to research and problem solve

           · Use technology as a tool to demonstrate learning

           · Are competency in the use of personal computers and basic word processing programs

           · Utilize hybrid instructional strategies

3. Effective communicators- we will provide educational opportunities for students to learn effective communication tools and skills.

           · Listen, understand, evaluate and analyze

           · Read, write, speak, and listen effectively and critically

           · Write effectively, within a variety of contexts

           · Communicate effectively through oral, written, visual, artistic and electronic means

           · Collaborate with community programs and agencies for the benefit of our students

4. Responsible citizens-we will instill positive character values by providing students opportunities to attend and participate in meaningful workshops and lessons centered on tolerance and self-respect.

           · Practice tolerance and respect

           · Resolve conflicts through positive means